Meet Annette

Annette has a strong history of serving our community and fighting to improve it. She would be honored to continue to make lives better for the people of the 110th district by becoming our next State Representative. Read below for a quick snapshot of who she is and the work she’s done to date, followed by more about her values and experience.


  • Proud first-generation Cuban-American
  • Born in Miami and raised in Hialeah Gardens
  • Holds a BA in Economics with a minor in International Relations from FIU
  • Public school educator with certifications in Elementary Education, ESE K-12, and Social Studies grade 6-12; experience teaching children with autism and has taught at a tribal school
  • Worked with Miami’s elderly residents at Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly
  • Led volunteers and connected with residents in Hialeah and Miami Lakes during the 2012 presidential election
  • Founding board member of non-profit Engage Miami, focusing on voter engagement and local issues
  • Created ¿Qué Pasa, Hialeah? (QPH), a civic engagement group that focuses on civic discourse, caring for green spaces, the arts, voter education and youth involvement
  • Currently pursuing Masters in Educational Leadership at FIU

Values & Experience

Annette Collazo is an educator and community organizer. She is proud to be a first-generation Cuban-American.

Annette is running to be the next State Representative for Florida’s 110th District because she knows we deserve a leader who lives it — who knows what it’s like to fight hard every day to make a better life for ourselves and our families.

In Tallahassee, she will focus on the needs of the community, addressing individual concerns and defending our values, allowing our families and children to thrive.

Annette is a candidate who will serve with integrity, insight, and passion.

From an early age, Annette learned the value of hard work by observing the sacrifices her parents made to as they fled Communist Cuba and worked hard to provide for their family here and relatives still in Cuba. With the untimely passing of her parents, Annette would learn the meaning of resilience by observing the strong women that are at the core of her family: her sisters. Annette understands that stories of hardship are not unique, they are what make people in our district strong — because she is a leader who lives it. 

Over the last ten years, Annette has worked as a teacher in our public school system. Annette sees her students’ hopes for a brighter future and the challenges they face getting there. She sees their need for a loving and safe home, where all their caretakers — from their parents to their abuelos — can live a life of dignity. She sees how a lack of work opportunities or not having access to healthcare can destroy and traumatize families. She understands that her students’ futures will be determined, in part, by making sure we take care of our state’s fragile environment. And she understands that all of her students — regardless of who they are, where they were born, whom they love, or where their talents lie — want to learn and succeed, and have the right to do so.

Even before becoming a teacher, Annette was deeply involved in her community. While pursuing a BA in Economics at FIU, she worked at Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly. At Little Brothers, Annette saw first-hand the great needs of many of Miami’s elderly residents — and she saw the great impact that people can make when they commit to improving the lives of community members.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Annette continued to pursue her passion for the community by leading local volunteers, from Miami Gardens to Hialeah, to connect with residents on the issues they cared about, such as housing, affordable healthcare, economic opportunities, and representation in government.

More recently, Annette became one of the founding board members of the non-profit organization Engage Miami, which focuses on voter engagement and bringing attention to local issues, as well as registering and informing voters.

Annette used that model in her backyard and created ¿Qué Pasa, Hialeah? (QPH), a civic engagement group that connected Hialeah, Miami Lakes and Northwest Dade residents interested in civic discourse, green spaces, the arts, voter education and youth involvement. 

Annette is currently pursuing a Masters in Educational Leadership at FIU and teaches elementary, middle school, and high school classes.

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